Star labelling of appliances is one of the most cost effective policy tools for improving energy efficiency and lowering energy cost of appliances/equipment for the consumers. This program aim to foster a sustainable “market transformation” by shifting the markets toward increased sales of energy-efficient star labelled products.


  • Be smart and save more with AC@24°C or more.

  • Be smart and save more with AC@24°C or more.

    Benefits of Star Labeled Appliances


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  • Benefits of Star Labelling

    Star rating schemes allow us to compare the operating cost and environmental performance of similar products.

    This allows us to make better choices and see the potential ongoing future costs and greenhouse gas impacts our decisions may have.

    Energy labels, on the other hand, are the informative labels affixed to manufactured products in order to provide consumers with the data necessary for making informed purchases.

Buy Right Appliance Every Time and Be a Smart Buyer


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your usage


Look for right
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Select energy
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How to Read a Label

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